My five strengths

On the day that I learnt about my strengths,we had a wonderful time in class.Going through our strengths with our teammates,it was a lovely experience discovering all five strengths about my self and knowing the meaning of each. We did an activity that includes writing our names and shading our strengths in a box,under our names,which was very exciting,fun and was a good was of learning about each others strengths.

My top five strengths includes ideation,strategic,developer,restorative and futuristic.It felt good finding out what my strengths were,I think it was important learning about myself some more. I think that My strength is what makes me stands out.

The strength that stands out to me the most is ideation, it is also listed as my number one strength,this is a true strength, because I am good in creating new ideas and being creative in whatever I do.

I think these five strengths define me a lot because they are all apart of my personality. I wasn’t fully aware of my strengths and now ,I can say I am fully aware of my strengths and now I know how to utilize them in order to reach where I want to be in life and that is being a business owner.


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